Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Selection of the Medicine

The Selection of the medicine in Homeopathy is very important in order to give speedy , Gentle and permanent relief to the patient.
The Homeopathic medicines are selected very carefully and cautiously.
The most important task for the Homeopathic Practioner or new user is to collect the symptoms which can be classified under these three heads are .

1 General Symptoms

They pertain to the patients , will and Intelligence Desires and Aversions and Hatred and Affection.
For the success of the Homeopathic medicine.
It is very Important to study the mental Symptoms as they Rank highest

2 Paricular Symptoms

They are burning or pain or choking in throat or swelling in a particular part of the body etc .

3 Modalities

Which mean the relief or Increase or discomfort (Aggrevations) under certain circumstances.
Pressure, Fomentation or lying on bed gives relief etc.

These sets of Symptoms help a lot in selecting the correct medicine.
Therefore, they should be correctly taken out of the patient through Interrogation.

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