Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stone in the Urinary tract

Stone in the Urinary tract ( GRAVEL )

Berberis vul
                        Head remedy for renal colic , specially when the pain is on the left side and
extends from kidney to urethra , with urging to urinate.
with similar   symptoms it also cures pain on the right side.

Ocimum Can
                         Agonising and twisting pain which makes the patient scream and groan.
red urine with brick dust or white sediments.
Urine turbid ,red and bloody.

Pareira B
                 when all other remedies fail , this may be given in mother tincture in hot water in 5 drop doses.

Chin Sulph
                       when there is brick dust or straw - yellow deposits in urine.

Calcairea carb
                             Renal colic when formation of stone is due to uric acid.

Urtica Urens
                         Stone in the kidney.
Urine thick.
It expels gravel and stone from the kidneys.

                     Shooting pain in the renal region along the ureter through which the calculus makes its way.

                     Writhing with dry and crampy pains with passing of renal calculus , spasmodic stricture of urethra with pain about navel , relieved by pressure.

                  Inflammation of kidney , bladder and urethra , sharp tearing and incisive pain in kidney.
Difficult emission of urine , emission of  blood drop by drop.

                       Stone in bladder with retention of urine.
bloody urine.

                      Excruciating pain which radiates from kidney to testicles.
Attack comes on while sleeping .
Urine passed in drops.

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