Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heart Burn Pyrosis

Patient feels discomfortable or pain caused like stomach contents traveling up 
from the stomach to lower part of Esophagus.


The main symptoms of heart burning are burning sensation in the center of the chest .
gas in Stomach

Causes of Heart Burning

Diffrent types of medicines
Fast foods
Bar B Q type foods
Useless of  Diffrent type Liquids Like Milk , Water etc
eating larg meals
in pregnancy
Wearing tight cloths 
some hernia problems

1 Ipecac
Heart Burn with nausea or vomiting and excessive flatulence.
It is a suitable in pregnancy.

2 Nux Vomica
Heart burn with flatulance and more acidity but without nausea or vomiting.
Tongue coated with creamy fur.
Stomach is generally out of order.
It succeeds when Ipecac fails.
It may be given in alternation with Ipecac.

3 Calcarea Carb
Burning sensation in the stomach .
AcridEructions , sometimes sour at other times alkaline in taste feeling of pressure over the stomach with Vomiting of food and mucus.

4 Staphysagria
Heart burn caused by smoking.

5 Arsenic Alb
Foul , Bitter or sour taste , hot burning sensation in the Oesophagus and Pharynx.
Eructation of sour , Acrid fluid , nausia , retching and vomiting of slimy mucus tingled with blood.
Trembling and coldness of extermities with pain in stomach and Oppresive anxiety.
Irregular and frequent Pulse.

Monday, June 20, 2011



Homeopathy Remedies for this Deases

1 Calcarea Carb
Head remedy with which treatment should be started.
It will cure great majority of cases.
In Hernia where walls of Abdomen are thin and truss cannot be worn.

2 Lycopodium
Hernia of right side.
Give in 1000 potency every fortnight.
Strangulated hernia.
Distension of abdomen with rumblingof gas.

3 Nux Vomica
Hernia of left side.
Give in 1000 potency every fortnight.
It also cures right side hernia when Lycopodium fails.

4 Cocculus
Give in 30 potency when Lycopodium and Nuxvomica fails.

5 Aurum Met
Inguinal hernia in children if the above remedies fail.

6 Lachesis
Hernia Strangulated.

7 Plumbum
Strangulated hernia whether femoral, inguinal or umbilical.

8 Staphisagria
Hernia of bladder.

9 Silicia
Inflammation and swelling of inguinal glands.
Painful to touch.
Painful inguinal hernia.

10 Aesculus Hippocastanum
Inguinal hernia.
Cutting in right inguinal region. 


In the Enlargement of Abdomen patient feel like swelling on its Abdomen.

Enlargement of Abdomen causes are like

Fast foods , 
Junk , 
Cold drinks, 
Heavy meal , 
Some type of Medicines ,s side effect
 No Exercise

Best Homeopathic Remedy are

1 Lachesis
Enlargement of abdomen in young girls.

2 Lycopodium
3 Nux Vomica
4 Hyper sulph

more info coming soon.........

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Appendicitis is Inflamations of the Appendix.
The Appendix is the small pouch attached with the begining of small intestin.




Homeopathic Remedies and symptoms are Listed under below.

1 Bryonia
Stiching and burning pains Aggravated on Slightest motion.
Better by lying on painful side and by pressure .
Tenderness in the right lower Abdomen.
Patient Lies still with legs drawn up to relax the Abdominal Muscles.
Does not want to touched and every breath worsens the pain.
Thirst for Large Quantities of cold water.
Give in IX Potency every four hours till the pain stops.

2 Sulphur
Should be Used as an Intercurrent remedy to complete the cure .

3 Iris Tenax
Is the remedy to start treatment of Appendicitis.
Fearful pain in Ileo-Caecal Region.
Feeling great Tenderness to pressure.
Deadly sensation at the pit of the Stomach.

4 Belladonna
It has the same Symptoms as iris t , but it should be given after the later has failed.
It has severe pain in the Ileo -Caecal Region, worse from jerk.
 vomiting, sleepy but unable to sleep.
Oversensitive to Light and other external Impressions.
Better lying on back with knees drawn up.
Nervousness, throbbing headache.
Worse by stooping, must have loose clothes.

5 Dioscorea
A valuable remedy when the pain is constant the patient has never been entirely free from pain.
Bowels filled with gas with griping, twisting pains better by bending backward.
It may be given in hot water

6 Mercurius
where local symptoms are acute.
swelling hardand painful.
No relief from Perspiration.
Tender lump felt in the Appendix region.

7 Clolcynth
Specially indicated by a high degree of pain which may be cutting twisting or cramping.
Bitter taste.
stool like jelly.
Better by pressure and with warmth.

8 Lycopodium
Is the remedy in high dilutions like 1000 .
when the acute attack is over.
It should be given fortnightly or monthly to stop recurrence of attacks.

9 Rhus Tox
Extensive swelling over the Ileo- Caecal region and great pain causing and incessant restlessness .
This also covers septic conditions.

10 Ignatia
Terrible pain in Appendix with fear of operation is an important mental symptom .
The knees drawn up to chin .
Body hot and rigid.
The patient is sensitive , alert and nervous.
He suffers acutely in mind and body at the same time.
Has griping and stitching pains.
In nervous patients treatment may be started with this remedy.

Ferrum Phos
Kali Mur
Mag Phos 
Useful remedies for inflamation in the ilec-caecal region.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Best Homeopathic Remedies for This Deases are

1 Acid Phos
Curvature of spine due to Caries of Vertebrae.

2 Calcarea carb
curvature of Spine in the region of Dorsal Vertebrae and of the Long Bones .
Swelling in Curvature of neck and back.

3 Silicia
It covers Inflamation , Softening and Necrosis of bone whereever found.
Abscess of the bones resulting in Fistulous opening with Offensive Pus discharge.

4 Calcarea Phos
Suppurative process of bony tissues.
Caries of hip joint, softning of bones.
Spine weak , Disposed to Curvatures , Especially to the left , unable to support.

5 Calcarea Fluor
Should be tried when other Preparations of Calcarea Fail.

6 Sulphur
In the Region of Lumbo- Dorsal, After suppression of Scabies by Ointments.
Curvature of the back bone and also of the ribs.
Give 200 Potency every week.

7 Kali Hyd
Curvature in Hip diseases.
Spinal Caries due to Syphilllis.

8 Thuja
Head sinks into knees on sitting on the floor.
Bad result of Vaccination.
Bent back ward.
cannot sit erect

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Best Homeopathic Remedies for Caries are under below

1 Calcarea Phos
an exellent remedy for non-union of fractured bones and caries of bones
when they become soft or are wasted away.
Curvature of bones.

2 Angustura vera
Caries of long bones, Cracking of joints.
Pain penetrates to the marrow.

3 Calcarea Fluor
Enlargement of bones with or with out cause.
This remedy may be given in alternation with calcarea phos.
For symptoms similar to those given in calcarea Phos.

4 Calcarea carb
Pott,s disease.
Caries of the spinal cord.
Non-development of bones and non -appearance of teeth.

5 Acid Fluor
Caries with suppuration of long bones getting better or worse periodically.
Pains worse at night with great prostration.
Offensive discharge from the ears and nose due to necrosis of the bones.

6 Platinum
Caries specially of the tarsus.

7 Silicea
Curvature of bones, Rickets and diseases of the hip joint.
Offensive sweat may also be present.

8 Hecla Lava
In bone disease including osteosarcoma, scrofulous and syphilitic osteoitis and exostoses.

9 Staphisagria
Shifting pain in long bones in neuralgia in caries.

Selection of the Medicine

The Selection of the medicine in Homeopathy is very important in order to give speedy , Gentle and permanent relief to the patient.
The Homeopathic medicines are selected very carefully and cautiously.
The most important task for the Homeopathic Practioner or new user is to collect the symptoms which can be classified under these three heads are .

1 General Symptoms

They pertain to the patients , will and Intelligence Desires and Aversions and Hatred and Affection.
For the success of the Homeopathic medicine.
It is very Important to study the mental Symptoms as they Rank highest

2 Paricular Symptoms

They are burning or pain or choking in throat or swelling in a particular part of the body etc .

3 Modalities

Which mean the relief or Increase or discomfort (Aggrevations) under certain circumstances.
Pressure, Fomentation or lying on bed gives relief etc.

These sets of Symptoms help a lot in selecting the correct medicine.
Therefore, they should be correctly taken out of the patient through Interrogation.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stone in the Urinary tract

Stone in the Urinary tract ( GRAVEL )

Berberis vul
                        Head remedy for renal colic , specially when the pain is on the left side and
extends from kidney to urethra , with urging to urinate.
with similar   symptoms it also cures pain on the right side.

Ocimum Can
                         Agonising and twisting pain which makes the patient scream and groan.
red urine with brick dust or white sediments.
Urine turbid ,red and bloody.

Pareira B
                 when all other remedies fail , this may be given in mother tincture in hot water in 5 drop doses.

Chin Sulph
                       when there is brick dust or straw - yellow deposits in urine.

Calcairea carb
                             Renal colic when formation of stone is due to uric acid.

Urtica Urens
                         Stone in the kidney.
Urine thick.
It expels gravel and stone from the kidneys.

                     Shooting pain in the renal region along the ureter through which the calculus makes its way.

                     Writhing with dry and crampy pains with passing of renal calculus , spasmodic stricture of urethra with pain about navel , relieved by pressure.

                  Inflammation of kidney , bladder and urethra , sharp tearing and incisive pain in kidney.
Difficult emission of urine , emission of  blood drop by drop.

                       Stone in bladder with retention of urine.
bloody urine.

                      Excruciating pain which radiates from kidney to testicles.
Attack comes on while sleeping .
Urine passed in drops.

Diseases of Urinary System (1)


Homeopathic Remedies


           is a specific for b-coli infection of urine.
Dose give in IM dilution every week.
Prolong the duration to one month when the improvement sets in.

Formica Rufa
                          Of much use for b-coli infection.
Large quantity of urine passed at night which is turbid and bad smelling.

B (E) Coli 30 . in clear cases of infection.

Methylene Blue
                             In cases of fever,tympanitis and delirium with pus in urine.
nephritis,green coloured urine.

                     When infection affects stream of blood.
Urine albuminous and frequent.

Apis melifica
                         Pain in the head, back , and lumbs and also in kidneys.
Give in low potency in which it acts best.

                     Dropsy due to inflammation of kidney.
Urine scanty and dark.

Kali Chlor
                   Voilent nephritis with scanty  dark albuminous urine containing casts.

Urine turbid brown with red sediment and blood.

                   Granular degeneration of kidneys, gouty kidney, pale , bloated ,heavy expression.

                         when red sand is passed with urine with nephritis and dropsy.

Nitric Acid
                    Kidney disease associated with ear trouble such as yellowish- white discharge from the ear.
Urine smelling like that a  horse.

Arsenic Brom
                           When albuminuria is associated with diabetes.
It should be given Plumbum fails.

some other homeopathic Remedies used fot this disease like

1 Aconite n
2 Cannabis Sativa
3 Calcaria Sulph
4 Mercurius cor
5 Cantharis
6 Picric Acid
7 Digitalis
8 Benezoic Acid
9 Apocynum
10 Vesicaria
11 Solidago

Monday, June 6, 2011


This science is based on the cell-Salt Theory.
According to this science, body is made up of different organs which is turn are made up of 12 inorganic Salts+Water+Organic salts.
The deficiencies or impairment or imbulance of one or more salts results in the inbalance of normal functions of that cell which cause disease.

these 12 Salts are,
1 Calceria Fluorica (Floride of Lime)
IN bones , Teeth , Fibres , Skin , Effects Absorption.

2 Calceria Phos (Phosphate of Lime )
It is essential for Bones , Nutrition of Body Tissues.

3 Calceria Sulph (Gypsum)

4 Ferrous Phos (Chloride of Potash)

5 Kali Phos (Phosphate of Iron)

6 Natrum Mur Chloride of Sodium - Common Salt.

7 Kali Sulph ( Sulphate of  Potash)

8 Kali Muriaticum  (Chloride of Potash)

9 Magnesia Phos (Phosphate of Magnesium)

10  Natrum Phos (Phosphate of Sodium)

11 Silicia ( Pure Quartz )

This is Perfect science and can be called the Substitution of Salts, Theory of curing.
It is a detailed science and needs detailed study separately.

Bleeding from the Nose (EPISTAXIS)

Homeopathic Remedies 

1 Bryonia
Is an excellent remedy and should be tried first.
Give in 1X dilution.

2 Millefolium
It is a general remedy for epistaxis without knowing the cause and when bryonia fails.

3 Arnica m
When due to a blow.
Coldness of the nose.

4 Ammonia Carb
Bleeding from the nose when washing face in the morning

5 Crocus
Dark, stringly bleeding.

6 Hamamellis
When the blood is of dark colour.

7 Melilotus
With intense redness of the face.

8 Phosphorus
Frequent and profuse bleeding .
Haemorrhagic diathesis.

9 Arum Trip
Constant picking at the nose until it bleeds.

10 Vipera
Great remedy for nose-bleeding even in casesof life long standing.

11 Natrum sulph
Nose bleeding before, during or after menses.

12 Amm,mur
Bloody crusts from nostrills.

13 Agaricus
Blood from nose blowing.

14 Bovista
Nose bleeding at early morning .
Confusion in head.

15 Rhus tox
Nose-bleeding at night and on stooping or hawking.
blood dark.

16 thiaspi Bursa
Nose -bleed , passive.
Dull pain at root of nose.
Free discharge of blood and mucus.