Friday, June 3, 2011


Headache Diffrent types

Homeopathic Remedies for 

1 Belladona
Throbbing and bursting headache in temples.

2 Sangunaria.
For the same symptoms as in (Spigelia)  except that it is a right-side remedy.

3 Nux vomica
Headache in the morning 

4 Gelsimium
Pains begining in the nape of neck and shift forehead and eye-balls.
feels as if head is full and big.

5 Spigilia
Pain disappears in the evening.
Sensation as though the head were bound arround the vertex.

6 Arnica
When trauma (injury) is the cause,pain ,aching,bruised,occasionally sharp,as if nails were being driven into the brain.

7 Ruta
Brought on by reading and eye -strain.
head remedy for eye-strain.

8 Natrum mur
Headache increase with sun rise  and stops at sun-set.
headache of school girls and for boys .

9 Melitous
Congestive headache as though the brain would burst through the forehead.

10 Collinsonia
If accompanied by piles and constipation.

11 Kali bi
If headache begins with blurred vision.
Sight returns as headache increases.

12 Kali cyan
After full meals.

13 Kali carb
Headache comes on when the discharge ceases from taking cold and it is relieved when the discharge is re-established.

14 Lithium carb
When headache is relieved by eating.

some other Homeopathic Remedies are

15 Petroleum
16 Phosphorus
17 Plumbum
18 Podophylium
19 Seleinium
20 Jabrandi
21 Badiaga
22 Iris Ver
23 Cocculus
24 Pulsatilla
25 Actea
26 Lac Defi
27 Thuja
28 Robinia
29 Kali mur

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