Monday, June 6, 2011


This science is based on the cell-Salt Theory.
According to this science, body is made up of different organs which is turn are made up of 12 inorganic Salts+Water+Organic salts.
The deficiencies or impairment or imbulance of one or more salts results in the inbalance of normal functions of that cell which cause disease.

these 12 Salts are,
1 Calceria Fluorica (Floride of Lime)
IN bones , Teeth , Fibres , Skin , Effects Absorption.

2 Calceria Phos (Phosphate of Lime )
It is essential for Bones , Nutrition of Body Tissues.

3 Calceria Sulph (Gypsum)

4 Ferrous Phos (Chloride of Potash)

5 Kali Phos (Phosphate of Iron)

6 Natrum Mur Chloride of Sodium - Common Salt.

7 Kali Sulph ( Sulphate of  Potash)

8 Kali Muriaticum  (Chloride of Potash)

9 Magnesia Phos (Phosphate of Magnesium)

10  Natrum Phos (Phosphate of Sodium)

11 Silicia ( Pure Quartz )

This is Perfect science and can be called the Substitution of Salts, Theory of curing.
It is a detailed science and needs detailed study separately.

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