Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heart Burn Pyrosis

Patient feels discomfortable or pain caused like stomach contents traveling up 
from the stomach to lower part of Esophagus.


The main symptoms of heart burning are burning sensation in the center of the chest .
gas in Stomach

Causes of Heart Burning

Diffrent types of medicines
Fast foods
Bar B Q type foods
Useless of  Diffrent type Liquids Like Milk , Water etc
eating larg meals
in pregnancy
Wearing tight cloths 
some hernia problems

1 Ipecac
Heart Burn with nausea or vomiting and excessive flatulence.
It is a suitable in pregnancy.

2 Nux Vomica
Heart burn with flatulance and more acidity but without nausea or vomiting.
Tongue coated with creamy fur.
Stomach is generally out of order.
It succeeds when Ipecac fails.
It may be given in alternation with Ipecac.

3 Calcarea Carb
Burning sensation in the stomach .
AcridEructions , sometimes sour at other times alkaline in taste feeling of pressure over the stomach with Vomiting of food and mucus.

4 Staphysagria
Heart burn caused by smoking.

5 Arsenic Alb
Foul , Bitter or sour taste , hot burning sensation in the Oesophagus and Pharynx.
Eructation of sour , Acrid fluid , nausia , retching and vomiting of slimy mucus tingled with blood.
Trembling and coldness of extermities with pain in stomach and Oppresive anxiety.
Irregular and frequent Pulse.

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