Sunday, June 19, 2011


Appendicitis is Inflamations of the Appendix.
The Appendix is the small pouch attached with the begining of small intestin.




Homeopathic Remedies and symptoms are Listed under below.

1 Bryonia
Stiching and burning pains Aggravated on Slightest motion.
Better by lying on painful side and by pressure .
Tenderness in the right lower Abdomen.
Patient Lies still with legs drawn up to relax the Abdominal Muscles.
Does not want to touched and every breath worsens the pain.
Thirst for Large Quantities of cold water.
Give in IX Potency every four hours till the pain stops.

2 Sulphur
Should be Used as an Intercurrent remedy to complete the cure .

3 Iris Tenax
Is the remedy to start treatment of Appendicitis.
Fearful pain in Ileo-Caecal Region.
Feeling great Tenderness to pressure.
Deadly sensation at the pit of the Stomach.

4 Belladonna
It has the same Symptoms as iris t , but it should be given after the later has failed.
It has severe pain in the Ileo -Caecal Region, worse from jerk.
 vomiting, sleepy but unable to sleep.
Oversensitive to Light and other external Impressions.
Better lying on back with knees drawn up.
Nervousness, throbbing headache.
Worse by stooping, must have loose clothes.

5 Dioscorea
A valuable remedy when the pain is constant the patient has never been entirely free from pain.
Bowels filled with gas with griping, twisting pains better by bending backward.
It may be given in hot water

6 Mercurius
where local symptoms are acute.
swelling hardand painful.
No relief from Perspiration.
Tender lump felt in the Appendix region.

7 Clolcynth
Specially indicated by a high degree of pain which may be cutting twisting or cramping.
Bitter taste.
stool like jelly.
Better by pressure and with warmth.

8 Lycopodium
Is the remedy in high dilutions like 1000 .
when the acute attack is over.
It should be given fortnightly or monthly to stop recurrence of attacks.

9 Rhus Tox
Extensive swelling over the Ileo- Caecal region and great pain causing and incessant restlessness .
This also covers septic conditions.

10 Ignatia
Terrible pain in Appendix with fear of operation is an important mental symptom .
The knees drawn up to chin .
Body hot and rigid.
The patient is sensitive , alert and nervous.
He suffers acutely in mind and body at the same time.
Has griping and stitching pains.
In nervous patients treatment may be started with this remedy.

Ferrum Phos
Kali Mur
Mag Phos 
Useful remedies for inflamation in the ilec-caecal region.


  1. Appendicities is an inflammation of the appendix, a long tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. No one is

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