Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Best Homeopathic Remedies for Caries are under below

1 Calcarea Phos
an exellent remedy for non-union of fractured bones and caries of bones
when they become soft or are wasted away.
Curvature of bones.

2 Angustura vera
Caries of long bones, Cracking of joints.
Pain penetrates to the marrow.

3 Calcarea Fluor
Enlargement of bones with or with out cause.
This remedy may be given in alternation with calcarea phos.
For symptoms similar to those given in calcarea Phos.

4 Calcarea carb
Pott,s disease.
Caries of the spinal cord.
Non-development of bones and non -appearance of teeth.

5 Acid Fluor
Caries with suppuration of long bones getting better or worse periodically.
Pains worse at night with great prostration.
Offensive discharge from the ears and nose due to necrosis of the bones.

6 Platinum
Caries specially of the tarsus.

7 Silicea
Curvature of bones, Rickets and diseases of the hip joint.
Offensive sweat may also be present.

8 Hecla Lava
In bone disease including osteosarcoma, scrofulous and syphilitic osteoitis and exostoses.

9 Staphisagria
Shifting pain in long bones in neuralgia in caries.

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