Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diseases of Urinary System (1)


Homeopathic Remedies


           is a specific for b-coli infection of urine.
Dose give in IM dilution every week.
Prolong the duration to one month when the improvement sets in.

Formica Rufa
                          Of much use for b-coli infection.
Large quantity of urine passed at night which is turbid and bad smelling.

B (E) Coli 30 . in clear cases of infection.

Methylene Blue
                             In cases of fever,tympanitis and delirium with pus in urine.
nephritis,green coloured urine.

                     When infection affects stream of blood.
Urine albuminous and frequent.

Apis melifica
                         Pain in the head, back , and lumbs and also in kidneys.
Give in low potency in which it acts best.

                     Dropsy due to inflammation of kidney.
Urine scanty and dark.

Kali Chlor
                   Voilent nephritis with scanty  dark albuminous urine containing casts.

Urine turbid brown with red sediment and blood.

                   Granular degeneration of kidneys, gouty kidney, pale , bloated ,heavy expression.

                         when red sand is passed with urine with nephritis and dropsy.

Nitric Acid
                    Kidney disease associated with ear trouble such as yellowish- white discharge from the ear.
Urine smelling like that a  horse.

Arsenic Brom
                           When albuminuria is associated with diabetes.
It should be given Plumbum fails.

some other homeopathic Remedies used fot this disease like

1 Aconite n
2 Cannabis Sativa
3 Calcaria Sulph
4 Mercurius cor
5 Cantharis
6 Picric Acid
7 Digitalis
8 Benezoic Acid
9 Apocynum
10 Vesicaria
11 Solidago

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