Friday, June 3, 2011


COLIC, Pain Abdomen

A severe paroxysmal pain in the abdomen, due to spasm, obstruction, or distention of some one of the hollow viscera.
 pain due to distention of the intestines by gas.
the severe pain produced by the passage of a calculus from the kidney through the ureter.
the severe pain produced by the passage of a gallstone from the liver or gall bladder through the bile duct.

medicines for,

1 Colocynth
Griping , Clutching , Cramping , Digging and Stabbing pain as if grasped by the fingers.
It is of littel use in Inflammatory colic.

2 Veratrum Album
Colic as if Intestines twisted into a knot.
Cold sweat on the face.

3 Nux vomica
Is the head remedy for colic due to Indigestion.

4 Bovista
Finds relief by bending double and after eating Urine is red.

5 Dioscorea
Pain in the umbilical region which is continuous and constant better by bending backward and by streching the body.

6 Alumen
Tendency to lead colic in those who work in lead such as painters.

7 cuprum
Neuralgic pains in abdomen .
Burning cramping and colic pains.


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