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Most Remedies are Available in The Following Potencies are
  • 3X thru 30X
  • 3C thru 30C
  • 200C
  • 1M, 10M, 50M, and CM
  • 1LM thru 30 LM 

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"The Chemistry of Life"

"The Chemistry of Life"

The word homeopathy was derived from the Greek homoion pathos, meaning 'to treat disease with the same substance'. 
Homeopathy is based on the notion that the human body contains defense and healing mechanisms that can be activated to cure 

Today we know that all life sustains itself, directly or indirectly, from the cell metabolism of the food we eat.
Salts are formed through the chemical bonding of acids with metals or through the reaction of acidic with alkaline,
 or base, substances.

A number of mineral salts are found in the human body in solution and participate in important essential energy exchanges during metabolism.
Tissue-salts often lead to amazing spontaneous recovery and have proven to be non-toxic to the system.

For the regular maintenance of health, tissue-salts are usually contained in sufficient quantities in a wholesome diet
orgariically grown,
 live vegetables,
 wholegrain products,
 and pure drinking water.

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Basic facts of  Homeopathy

The founder of homeopathy was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).
Based on his observations, he formulated the so-called PRINCIPLE OF SIMILARITY, which states that a given substance can cure in a diseased person the symptoms that it produces or causes in a healthy person.

Homeopathy is a well-described, scientifically based system of approaching health and disease. "Scientific" because the insights are based on reproducible experiments.
"Well-described" because from these observations a number of precise basic fundamental rules became evident, first among them the "similarity principle."

Hahnemann published his ideas and experiences in a book called the Organon.
The first edition appeared in 1810 and he wrote the last edition (which appeared posthumously) in 1842.
As was the custom in those days, he gave numbers to each paragraph in which he explained his different concepts.
What is so striking is that Hahnemann’s fundamental concepts still hold true today nearly 200 years later.
This is not to say there has been no progress in homeopathic thought but rather to the fact that subsequent investigators have been able to confirm and reconfirm these basic principles.
Every serious study of homeopathy even today begins with a study of the Organon.

How to take the medicine   

samuel hahnemann  Discover about         medicines in his life.

Follow the instructions of your physician.
Drops can go directly into your mouth or be dissolved in water and then administered in teaspoonful doses.

Grains and globules can be placed under the tongue.

It is better not to touch the remedies, so use the cap of the vial or tube.
Store your homeopathic remedy in a place where there is no sunlight or strong odors and where it is neither too hot nor cold.
This way it will remain active for a long time.

Homeopathic remedies are sufficiently diluted so that no poisoning will occur if a child should accidentally ingest a tube of granules, though it is possible that he might prove the medicine so you might have to consult your homeopathic physician.

Observe Yourself

After you have taken your medication it is important to observe yourself.
Be sure to keep the follow up appointment which will be two to eight weeks after the initial appointment.
Typically in the treatment of a chronic illness the follow up will be one to two months later.
The better the treatment goes the longer will be the intervals between appointments until you are eventually cured.
Cure is not simply the disappearance of one or several complaints but an optimally stable equilibrium physically as well as well as psychologically.

 They wrote many Books .
some published in his life ,
And some after his death
His some Books Are Under Below

Over 6000 medicines are discoverd.
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Homeo Pathic and Moderrn World


has been practiced in the United States for over 170 years. Homeopathy is the preferred medicine by members of the Royal Family in England
and homeopathy is widely prescribed by physicians in Europe and Asia.

Homeopathic doctors had a recovery of 80%
of their patients. 

In India, alternative treatments are a well established means of combating illness, with an impressive 94% of people.
In many countries, particularly in Europe, consumers are less convinced. At 15% agreement, Britons are the least trusting of homeopathy, and only 1 in 10 say that they prefer alternative medicine. Even in Germany, the birth place of homeopathy, just 27% of people trust this kind of treatment. 

France is the European market in which people are most trusting of homeopathy.
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) is considered the Father of Homeopathy.
A physician, scholar, teacher and scientist in Germany. 

The father of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, was the first man to conceive that the
products of disease could be used in the cure of diseases. His preparation, Psorinum,

the first vaccine to be made by T.T.M. Dishington (1928)
The success and popularity of homeopathy is due to the fact that homeopathy offers a
SAFE alternative to other therapies.

Many people believe that homeopathic medicine is all about herbs, vitamins and diet, but they are far from the truth.
 Homeopathic medicine is a separate and complete healing system which supports health, prevents and treats diseases all at the same time.
 A healthy life style, 

including the supplementation of minerals and vitamins is encouraged by homeopathic practitioners, but what homeopathy is all about is its highly diluted homeopathic remedies that elicit a healing response by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. 
There are many reasons why many consumers are increasingly turning to alternative Homeo pathic remedies to complement more conventional medicine. 
In the USA for example, where we have seen a slow but steady increase in the proportion of people who say that they ‘prefer alternative medicine to standard medicine’ over the past five years, a third of the population now gathers healthcare information on the internet.At the same time, people are becoming increasingly health-conscious.
 Taking Brazil as an example, 9 out of 10 people who trust homeopathic medicine say that they would pay anything where health is concerned, and one third claim that friends ask for their advice on health and nutrition matters.

In Germany and Great Britain, half of those who trust homeopathic medicine believe that they should do more about their health.
In France, people who have suffered the same ailments were found to be 50% more likely than average to have consulted an alternative health practitioner in the last 12 months.
The world is in fact changing, consumers are becoming more educated and more open to homeopathy and alternative medicines.