Monday, June 6, 2011

Bleeding from the Nose (EPISTAXIS)

Homeopathic Remedies 

1 Bryonia
Is an excellent remedy and should be tried first.
Give in 1X dilution.

2 Millefolium
It is a general remedy for epistaxis without knowing the cause and when bryonia fails.

3 Arnica m
When due to a blow.
Coldness of the nose.

4 Ammonia Carb
Bleeding from the nose when washing face in the morning

5 Crocus
Dark, stringly bleeding.

6 Hamamellis
When the blood is of dark colour.

7 Melilotus
With intense redness of the face.

8 Phosphorus
Frequent and profuse bleeding .
Haemorrhagic diathesis.

9 Arum Trip
Constant picking at the nose until it bleeds.

10 Vipera
Great remedy for nose-bleeding even in casesof life long standing.

11 Natrum sulph
Nose bleeding before, during or after menses.

12 Amm,mur
Bloody crusts from nostrills.

13 Agaricus
Blood from nose blowing.

14 Bovista
Nose bleeding at early morning .
Confusion in head.

15 Rhus tox
Nose-bleeding at night and on stooping or hawking.
blood dark.

16 thiaspi Bursa
Nose -bleed , passive.
Dull pain at root of nose.
Free discharge of blood and mucus.

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  1. Your blog so informative when times comes that I experience nose bleed I am so tense and don't know what to do. Anyway,the best remedy to overcome nasal congestion is to use netipot or take a breathe with warm water shake.