Thursday, May 26, 2011



some Homeopathic Remedies for coloured vision

1 Phosphorus
an exellent remedy for colour blindness.
phosphorus is a routine remedy for this .

2 Strontium
Objects appears as if tinged with blood.

3 Arsenicum Alb
objects look green.

4 Capsicum 
objects look black.

5 Actea Spi
objects look blue.

6 Camphora
objects look bright and glittering.

7 Anaholinum
coloured vision of most over powering brilliancy.

8 Stramonium
things look black instead of read and black objects look grey.

9 Cina
objects look yellow.

10 Agaricus M
deception of colours and figures before the eyes.

11 Digitalis
pale objects look white.

12 Carboneum Sulph
red and green objects look white.

13 Hyoscymus
objects look golden

14 Belladona
red objects look yellow.

15 Conium
objects look red , rainbow coloured.
striped double vision.
aversion to light.
weakness of sight.

16 Grotiola
green objects appear white.

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