Friday, May 27, 2011

Fear (Part 1)

Fear of Death And Dread (Part 1)

1 Aconite N 
Fear of death.
fear from darkness , noicy places , music.
fear of death during Pregnancy.
fear of ghosts.
fear of entering trolly car or railway trains.
fear with vexation.
fear of crossing streets.

2 Stramonium
Fear in delirium.Fear of dogs.Fear caused by hallucinations.
Fear of water,light, of doing things wrong and of being scolded.
Fear of darkness, yet horror of glistening  objects of night of being injured.
Great thirst  but dreads water.

3 Opium
Fear persisting after some traumatic experience .
when fear causes diarrhoea. easily frightened.
Fear of death ,especially when fright causes timidity.

4 Nux Vomica
Fear of fantastic dreams.
Haunted by fear.fear of noise.Suitable for nervous and irritable persons.

5 Cuprum Metalicum
when fear causes spasmodic dyspnoea.

6 Mercurious
Fear with desire to escape as if she had  comitted some crime .

7 Arsenic Alb 
fear of being killed with a knife .fear to be alone  wants company.
Great restlessness.

8 Cuprum Aceticum
fear of bed clothes  or house catching fire.

9 Silicia
Brain - fag ,fixed ideas , thinks only of pins , fears them searches and counts them.

10 Arnica
Fear and horror of sudden death.
fear of some  dreadful things will happen.
Rise up in the night and grasps at the heart.
full of nightmare and dreadful dreams.
fear of  being  struck by those  coming towards him.

11 Calcaria Carb
Anxiaty or fear that something terrible .
Fear the people will observe her confusion of mind, fear of insanity.

12 Belladona
Fear of imaginary things or fear of evils.
wants to run away.
Fear of animals like dogs, cats.

13 Hyoscymus
Fear of being poisened.

14 Saccinum
Fear of trains and closed rooms.

15 Bryonia
Fear of poverty.

16 Gelsemium
Fear of bombing and air raid.

17 Alumina
Fear of evening

18 Lyssin
Fear of water

19 Cannabis Indica
Fear of being eternally lost.

20 Lycopodium
Fear of being alone.

21 Cocculus
Fear of death and unknown danger.

22 Kali carb
Fear of future .

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