Monday, May 30, 2011


This is a normal  and Fundamental part of human Procesess.
Impulse is a storm on our brain.

I defined the more info about Impulses with Homeopathy treatment.
The detail is under below,

Homeopathic Remedies

1 Iodium
Voilent impulses in hot patients who always want cool air and bath in cold water .
An impulse to beat somebody without rhyme or reason.
Impulse to kill himself with out any cause,
but he resists it.
Uncontrolable and sudden impulse to kill or destroy something or some one.

2 Aurum met
To commit suicide by throwing himself from a hight or from a window.
patient thoughts to attempt to suicide.

3 Nux vomica
Wants to commit suicide but lacks courage .
In female Impulse to throw her child into fire .

4 Arsenic alb
Impulse in a barber, who is a cold patient and desires to be in a warm room.
to kill his coustmer with razer when he shave him.

5 Argentum nit
Impulse to jump in to a river or out of a window.

6 Lyssin
Impulse to stab his flesh with knife he holds.

7 Ustilago m
Impulse to commit suicide particularly by drowning.

8 Mercurius sol
Desire to kill persons contradicting her .
Impulse to kill or commit suicide or voilent things.
Fear of losing reasons in order to carry out impulses.

9 Hepar sulf
Impulse to be voilent and commit murder without being offended and without cause.
the modality of this remedy and that of Arsenicum alb.
should not be overlooked.
Both are chilly and are sensitive to cold.
they want warmth and heat.
wheres Iodium patient is hot and wants to be in cold atmosphere.

10 Staphisagria
Impulse to throw things on somebody who has caused even a trifling and imaginary irritation.

11 Platinum
Inspiration to kill her child .
irresistible impulse to kill her husband whom she loves passionately and with whom she is perfectly happy.

12 Alumina
When he sees sharp instrument or blood ,impulse rise with in to kill himself.

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