Friday, May 27, 2011

Fear ( Part 2 )

Fear of Death And Dread (Part 1)

23 Clematis
Fear of being alone, but disinclined to meet otherwise agreeable company.

24 Anacardium
Fear of thieves. expects enemies. 

25 Caladium
Extream nervousness, afraid of his own shadow.
afraid before going to sleep. afraid obout his future.

26 Camphor
Extream fear with anxiaty.fear of persons , strangers, of dark .

27 Spongia
Fear of death and future .
something dreadful that might happen.
Accompanied with dyspnoea and anxiaty.

28 Paullinia Finata
Fear of becoming Consumptive.

29 Onosmodium
Fear of falling down or down stairs.

30 Mancinella
Fear of getting crazy.

31 Hydrocyanic acid
Fear of imaginary troubles .
fears everything like horses , wagons, houses fallings etc.

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