Monday, May 23, 2011


Coma is not a deases , it is a symptom of many deases of mental and nerve system.
It is response after head injury, metabolism problem ,Diabetes , morphine , Alcholism , 
 shock or Heamreage and some others causes of this.
normaly its period is 2 or 4 weaks .
in some other cases its just 1 or more hour and patient feels normal.
The outcome of a coma ranges from full recovery to death.
when a person recover him self from this deases its depend on that which kind of COMA he have.
there are different stages of coma.
Mostly people Believe  that its a deep sleep.
deep sleep is not truely correct.
some patients feels that but some others not feels it .

Homeopathy Remedy for Coma

1 Barryta carb
in apoplexy

2 Antim Tartaricum
with suffocation .
in bronchial catarrh awakened by cough

3 Opium
with stertorous breathing.
involuntary urination and stool.
Pulse full and slow

4 Zincum Metalcum
from cerebral exhaustion.
on disappearance of eruptions.

5 Gelsemium
in cerebro _ spinal meningitis.

6 Lachesis
Coma during labour.

7 Glonoine 
Coma from exposure to sun.

8 Helleborus
in concussion of the brain.

9 Platina
In puerperal convulsions.

10 Sulphur
Before and during epilepsy.

11 Terebinth
Coma which can be roused only by shacking butt falls immediately into it again.
Staggering gait as if drunk.
Insensibility of extremities.

12 Bufo
after epileptic seizure in person who abused their sex by masturbations .

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